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Welcome to the fantasy football weather reports page! Let us face it - we are not meteorologists. We are daily fantasy football gurus who help you win cash against other players! As such, we do not specialize in weather forecasting. Sure, I can tell you if it is raining or not, but I tend to think you would like a little more weather information than that for your fantasy football games. With that being said, we've listed the following sources for you, which we believe are the best weather forecasts alerting you to the conditions such as temperature, precipitation and wind for each NFL game. Enjoy!

Weather Underground - Weather Underground is a great site for all sports and their weather conditions! It lists all of today's games, and when you click on a game you are brought to a complete page for that game which includes the current weather radar as well as a real-time image of the stadium!

Don Best NFL Weather Report - If you like it simple, then you should use this site. Donbest is a user-friendly site with an easy to read page where you get a brief shot of each NFL game's relevant weather information along with the option to click for more details on any game. It all fits on one page making it very user friendly and efficient. It also has room to fit tomorrow's games as well. You can also click for more details on a specific game's weather conditions which brings you to more informative information like a stadium view with a wind direction arrow, forecast summaries, and wind speed, which is a very important factor that affects NFL games!

Accuweather NFL Weather Report - The Accuweather NFL football weather report site is a weather-centric web site, so you can be confident the information is good. On the NFL screen, you will see a map of the United States, and upon that map are images embedded of all of the NFL stadiums. Below it are the list of stadiums. You simply click whichever one you need information for, and you get the whole array of weather conditions for that stadium regardless of what day it is, from now and forecasted into the future. The weather data includes video weather reports, radars, temperature, precipitation, hourly forecasts, etc. Accuweather truly is a beast.

NFL Weather from The Sports Network - The Sports Network (TSN) provides a nice weather report for NFL football games. Along with listing the weather reports for each game on one easy-to-read page, they have a right menu with NFL news as well as NFL scores for your convenience. - We love this page because of its search ability. It loads the main page with all of the current NFL football games along with the weather conditions. But that's not all you can do. This site is like a database. You can search weather forecasts for each team and see a forecast of weather in future weeks! And that's not all. You can actually search by weather condition, and this is probably one of the few sites that allows this. In addition, you can search the weather conditions by team, stadium, opponent, month, and even temperature. The site goes even further as it provides NFL weather widgets for: comprehensive, team specific, weekly, and Monday Night Football. If that is not enough, they have a blog that informs you of up-to-the minute weather conditions that warrant your attention!


Weather 2000 Football Weather Links - Weather 2000 is a wonderful resource that provides links for each NFL game, sorted by team, which is good in case you do not know where a team is playing. Along with each team are links for current conditions, forecasts, radar images, and radar loops. The current conditions links head to the relevant site. The radar image and radar loop links head over to Intellicast, and 7-day forecast links lead you to the site.

Weather is extremely important to an NFL team's game plan and the possible implications on your daily fantasy football players are huge. Here are some quick facts to know regarding how the weather affects NFL football games.

If a game is played in wet conditions, the surface is said to play slower. This means footing gets sloppy and offensive line and defensive line play becomes more important. It is harder for a quarterback to throw in wet conditions as it is harder to grip the ball. Also since footing is bad, running plays tend to occur between the tackles as it is hard for linemen to push out and block for a sweep.

When the weather is cold kickers will lose distance on their kicks.

It is also important to note that wind affects games more than snow or rain. In snow or rain, it is actually harder for defenses to react to offensive payers, so your fantasy football players may not be affected much by the precipitation. Wind, on the other hand, especially a cross-wind, greatly reduces the output for quarterbacks and receivers.

We would also like to note that if a daily fantasy sports site provides weather conditions, please use these links instead as they will be much more accurate and up-to-date.

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