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Welcome to the RotoPicks NFL injury reports page! With a relatively small yet devoted staff, we just don't have enough manpower to stay on top of all the injuries from around the around the National Football League so we've deferred this to the mega sites of the fantasy football world. The websites listed below will provide you with current up to the minute information on which players are hurting, on the mend and some even predict their expected return to the lineup. Enjoy!

RotoWorld NFL Injuries - RotoWorld's NFL Injuries page is organized by team and provides the player, position, status, date, injury, and return date. It also has an exclamation point icon next to the player's name which you can hover your mouse over for full commentary on that player's injury! On the right menu, you can quickly see the NFL headlines and "Highest Searched Players" as well. Basically, it exists so you are always up to date with fantasy football!

CBS Sports NFL Injury Report - The CBS Sports NFL Injury Report is sorted by team and date. They include the player, position, injury, NFL status, and fantasy news. What is impressive are the tabs atop this injury report that allow you to see "Practice Information" and the "PUP/IR" list. The PUP list is the physically unable to play list and the IR list is the injured reserve. You do NOT want to see your fantasy players on these lists!

Fox NFL Injury Report - The Fox Sports Injury Report is a well-organized NFL injuries page and one of the few that allows you to sort by: year and week. It is organized by game, and within the game organized by team with the categories: players, position, injury, and game status. This is useful because sometimes you will see an injury and write off that player, but an injured player whose game status is probable is likely to play.

The Official Injury Report - The official NFL site is also a site that is organized by game which is very useful when you are targeting certain high scoring games. Within each game, you can see the injured players, position, injury, practice status, and game status so you know exactly what is going on with each matchup!

ESPN NFL Injury Report - ESPN is a useful injury report page that is organized by team and provides useful commentary along with the player, injury, position, and date of injury. The site can be filtered by team to make it easier to read instead of seeing the entire league's list of injured platers.

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USA Today NFL Injury Report - USA Today shows up as all of the current injuries, organized by date. You can also filter the injuries by team. Along with the players, teams, and positions, they provide useful commentary on the injury. On the right hand side, you also see up to the minute injury updates via a feed so you can always be timely with your knowledge of NFL injury news.

Staying up to date with injuries is extremely important, especially for daily fantasy football purposes. Let's face it - football is a brutal game and players go down all the time. Sites, like those listed above devote a ton of resources to keeping up to date with the status of all players, and it is of monumental importance that you stay informed BEFORE you set out to create a fantasy football lineup. Nothing is worse than locking in your lineup only to turn the game on and find out that your player is sitting with turf toe or a bad hamstring!

It is also extremely important to note that injury reports go hand in hand with our depth charts page for fantasy football. You will want to keep an eye on any player on the injured list, as well as their backups on the depth chart. A surprising scratch of a starter near gametime is a golden opportunity for those in the know as their backup will start and be extremely cheap in salary cap leagues. Most daily fantasy football champions and the names you consistently see on the leaderboards are on top of this information, giving them a HUGE advantage to squash their competition!

Lastly, many DFS sites offer player injury information. For whatever reason, these news feeds never seem to be as good as or updated as those you'll find above. The main focus of a DFS site is to offer leagues for players to play in and drive traffic to their site to fill those leads. It's highly recommended that you use the resources above as they're updated more often and are way more accurate with regards to the current status of a player.

Being astute, makes you loot! Be sure to check out our piece on How to Handle Injured Players.

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