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Daily Fantasy Football Rules

Daily Fantasy Football Rules
by Elliot of

Draft Styles

If you happen to be a fan of fantasy sports, DraftStreet provides a variety of different fantasy football league formats to test your fantasy acumen. These formats include a salary cap league, a snake-draft league, survivor and pick'em tournaments. Additionally, DraftStreet provides users the option of playing in a weekly or daily league format.

Salary Cap Leagues

When opting to compete in a salary cap league, DraftStreet puts you in the role of a general manager. DraftStreet allocates a $100,000 in DraftStreet money (luckily, no inflation!) to your roster. Each player is given a set salary based on recent performances, current year performance, and prior year performances. Moreover, the brains at DraftStreet also take into account the player's matchup for the given night or week. There is one major exception to keep in mind when forming your DraftStreet roster, you CANNOT create a roster consisting solely of players from the same team.

Pick'em Leagues

Similar to DraftStreet's salary cap leagues, pick'em leagues consist of 8 tiers of players to choose from. Each of the 8 tiers consists of a lot 2 to 10 players. Each of these players is deemed to have comparable fantasy value. However, it is up to you to pick the stud out of the bunch.

Snake Drafts

Most fantasy footballers are familar with the concept of a snake-draft. Contrasting from the salary and pick'em leagues, the snake-draft format tests a fantasy user's drafting ability. In a snake-draft, the last pick of the 1st round receives the 1st pick in the 2nd round and the team possessing the 1st pick in the 1st round would then receive the 1st pick in the 3rd round. Get the point? The teams draft in the style of a snake (think about it visually for a second). DraftStreet provides 45 seconds for each pick and the snake-draft generally begins 5 minutes after the league you have selected has filled. This 5 minute period is to allow you time to get your desired players in queue

Survivor Tournaments

Survivor Tournaments are set to last for 3 days according to DraftStreet's rules. To prevail to the second day of a survivor tournament, the fantasy user must place in the top half of the standings. In order to make it to the last day (day 3), the final round of the Survivor Tournament, the fantasy user must once again place in the top half of the standings. Unfortunately, the scores for each day do not carry over as they are each scored separately.

Live Scoreboards

On the DraftStreet website, a live scoreboard can be found under the Active Leagues section of the fantasy user's homepage.

League Durations and Scoring Periods

The scoring for daily leagues solely consists of games scheduled on the day the league is scheduled for. Games that have been played or in already in process will not count towards the scoring for the daily league. In a weekly league, the scoring period will last for a week. Pretty self-explanatory, huh?

Additionally and very importantly, no NFL team will play more than one game within a given scoring period. So if you think you're going to outsmart your opponents by picking a team that has a Sunday game with a Thursday follow-up, you're strategy is supremely flawed.

Player Pool and Salaries

DraftStreet sets the player salaries in accordance with the player's recent performance, current year as well as previous performance. In a daily league as opposed to a weekly league, match-ups will also factor into the salary of a player.


League scoring is continually updated in real-time on DraftStreet's scoreboards. All scoring is based on official stat changes.

Scoring for DraftStreet's NFL leagues is set at 4 points per passing TD, .04 points per passing yard, 6 points per rushing TD, .1 points per rushing yard, 6 points per receiving TD, .1 points per receiving yard, .5 points per reception, 2 points for a 2 point conversion, -1 point for an INT, -1 point for a fumble, and 6 points for a return TD. On the defensive side of the ball, a sack is worth .5 points per sack, a safety equates to 2points, a defensive INT is worth 1 point, and a defensive TD is worth 6 points.


DraftStreet will pay the user's reward within an hour of the completion of the scoring period.


Currently, there are no set tie-breakers for any leagues on DraftStreet. Users will split the prize assigned to the specific place evenly in the case of a tie.

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