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Welcome to the RotoPicks NFL depth charts page! Instead of devoting a lot of resources to providing information like depth charts and staying up to date with every NFL team, we defer to the big boys so we can spend our time focused on proving you with the best daily/weekly fantasy football picks so you can conquer your competition!

RotoWorld NFL Depth Charts - RotoWorld did an outstanding job with their depth charts because you can quickly see all of team's rosters as well as icons for timely notes on certain players. It is organized by team and you will see a colored square next to any player that has a news worthy note. You have the option to choose depth chart type: Offensive Depth Charts, Defensive Depth Charts (IDP), and Complete Depth Charts. They also have a very informative right hand menu that includes "NFL Headlines", "Highest Searched Players", and a "Video Center".

CBS Sports NFL Depth Charts - We love the layout of the starters/reserves page over at CBS sports because it is organized and sorted by position; that is, you immediately see a chart with each row being a different team, and the columns being that position's starter and backups for each respective team. It is one of the few sites to do it this way, as many of the other websites sort depth charts by team and not position. This is nice because you can get a quick glance at ALL of the starting quarterbacks, running backs, wide receivers, tight ends, and kickers at the same time. It is immensely useful when you are deciding on a specific position in a daily fantasy football game.

Fox NFL Depth Charts - Fox provides a really fast loading depth chart page that is similar to the CBS depth chart page outlined above. You sort it by position or league, and within your browser window, you can quickly see every team's starters and backups for QB, RB, FB, WR, TE, and K. It is one of our favorites because of the dual option of sorting by league or position, and its clean look.

FFToolbox NFL Depth Charts - FFToolbox specializes in football so you really cannot go wrong using this site for many of your fantasy football needs. The depth chart page is organized by team, but has a very unique checkbox option for: showing the player's age, experience, and/or injury status. On the sidebar, you can also find many useful NFL links that FFToolbox does an amazing job with!


ESPN NFL Depth Charts - The ESPN NFL team web site lists all of the teams with options to check out each team's stats, schedule, roster, and depth chart. When you click on a team's depth chart, you see a beautiful football field with each position and the starter and backups at each of those positions. It is a great resource for those of us who like to learn about things visually. Not only that, they include the defensive depth charts AS WELL as the defensive alignment for that team's defense!

NFL Roster Resource Roster Grid - Roster Resource has a roster grid that neatly organizes it by division, and provides each team's depth chart within that division once you click on it. They include both starting offenses and defenses!

Depth charts in the NFL are one of the most important elements of daily fantasy football. If you do not know the starters and backups of all of the NFL teams before playing in a daily fantasy football league, then you are at a distinct disadvantage.

Depth charts are also useful when players get promoted from second team to first team. How many times a year do you see a running back take over the starting role and become the fantasy football darling of the year? This is how you find bargains and overpriced players - you know who is starting and who is likely to start in the future.

Depth charts are also useful in the sense that you know the players around a player you are targeting. Let's say you are thinking of using a certain quarterback. You will want to see the depth chart in order to ascertain his weapons at wide receiver. If he has no worthy WRs due to injury, he is a risky start. Even more importantly, we always check the offensive lines of NFL teams to make sure the starters are healthy. An unhealthy offensive line means trouble for all daily fantasy players on that team!

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