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Weekly Fantasy Football Advice

Welcome to the weekly fantasy football advice page. (Not to be confused with advice given out regarding picks for each week. You can however find our free weekly picks and player rankings for salary cap leagues on the main NFL page.)

Here you'll find articles written by experienced winning weekly fantasy football players who have accrued a ton of knowledge about this exciting game and are passing it along to you at no cost! These articles will definitely help you become a better player and will surely increase your odds of winning your leagues!

Weekly Fantasy Football For Beginners - Brandon answers the much asked question "what is weekly fantasy football" and explains how it works including salary cap leagues, snake drafts, pickem's and more!

Learn From Winning Players - Lootmeister gives away some golden advice on how to become a better weekly fantasy football player by learning from those that are consistently perched at the top of the monthly leaderboards.

Spotting Sleepers and Recognizing Busts - Brandon gives advice on how to identify fantasy football sleepers and recognize potential busts for salary cap, snake drafts and pick'em leagues.

Deciding on Players - All weekly fantasy football players have been caught up in this mess; do you take this player or that player? We give some advice that takes the guesswork out of the equation.

Check Injury Reports Often - We explain the importance of checking NFL injury OFTEN. This seems like a simple task, however, we constantly run into situations where we observe opponents drafting/selecting players who are doubtful or out. Don't let this happen to you! A zero on your weekly stats is a sure way to deplete your bankroll!

How to Handle Injured Players - Brandon explains the different variations of injury statuses and gives advice on what decision to make when confronted with each situation.

Head to Head NFL Snakes - Chad talks about the need to have a logical approach to playing in head to head fantasy NFL leagues including what your expectations should be.

Fantasy Quarterback Advice - Brandon gives the reader a mini checklist of things to consider before picking your QB's. He also goes on to talk about the best QB strategy for salary cap leagues, snake drafts and pick'em leagues.

Handling Uncertain Situations - Adam gives advice on how to handle NFL players who have injury status and/or shared positions.

Don't Take Full Season Stats to Heart - Winning weekly fantasy football player Lootmeister urges readers to look past season stats and to spend some time breaking down each matchup to assure that you're drafting players who have the best possible matchups. Many weekend warriors just use season stats. This is a sure-fire way to fail long term.

How Weather Affects Football Games - Many novice fantasy football team owners often times overlook weather reports when drafting their weekly leagues. When November arrives and conditions worsen, this is an important variable that you should always consider. Ray takes a look at how each condition (heat, snow, rain, wind) affects players and what you can do to maximize your draft picks during these times.

Weather and Scheduling - Brandon gives pointers on how you can gain an edge on the competition by checking weather reports and digging into each team's schedule to identify teams coming off of short weeks, bye weeks and having to travel from coast to coast which may cause them to suffer from jetlag.

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Featured Articles

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1.5 Points Per $1000 Strategy - Adam shares the secret sauce that many professional fantasy football players use to help them achieve success in salary cap leagues and guaranteed prize pool tournaments.

When Do Running Backs Decline - Rob takes an in depth look at some studies of current and past players to determine that magical age when running backs become non serviceable.


What is Fantasy Football? - We explain how the game works for those of you looking to get into the action!

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