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Weekly Fantasy Football Strategy

Welcome to the RotoPicks weekly fantasy football strategy page! Here you'll find articles that offer tips and advice on how to employ strategic measures in your weekly fantasy NFL leagues.

The following articles were written by seasoned fantasy football players whose advice is sure to help increase your odds of winning long term! Enjoy!

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Salary Cap Strategy

Building a Winning Salary Cap Lineup - Adam gives step by step advice on how to build a winning lineup using positional point targets. His advice about not stacking your team with high salary players is golden! Take note!

NFL Double Up Strategy - This is one of the better articles that you'll read on this site. Better yet, it'll give you the best chance of winning money consistently because the analysis is spot on. Adam gives step by step details on how to build a winning double up roster that will crush your opponents.

Daily Fantasy Football Salary Cap League Draft Strategy - We could talk for days about all the different strategies one can use to increase the odds of beating their opponents! Brandon gives a handful of his tactics that he uses to crush his opponents!

150 Point Strategy - Adam explains the 1.5 points per $1000 spent method which is what many pro weekly fantasy football players use to win consistently. This is one of the more informative and useful articles that you will ever read when it comes to winning salary cap leagues.

Should I Diversify My Lineups? - You do it with your stock/retirement portfolio so why wouldn't you do it with your fantasy football rosters? (This article is for fantasy players who play in multiple fantasy leagues each week). Not diversifying is similar to throwing a hail mary every pass or swinging for the fences every at bat. You'll have some success, but it's not a good long term strategy.

Snake Draft Strategy

Weekly NFL Snake Draft Strategy: Winning Ugly - Coach Spud gives insight on how he engages in psychological warfare with his opponents prior to, during and after his snake drafts end.

Head to Head Snake Draft Strategy - Adam gives advice that is sure to make you a long term winner when it comes to H2H serpentine drafts.

NFL Snake Draft Strategy: Ranking Players Into Tiers - Adam gives gives advice on weekly NFL football snakes with emphasis on how to pre-rank your players into tiers to help you increase your odds of winning your leagues.


Fantasy Football Sleeper Strategy - Tips and advice on how to identify fantasy NFL sleepers for weekly salary cap leagues and GPP tournaments.

Weekly Fantasy Football Fundamentals: Player Points Projections - Hoai explains the importance of taking the time to create projections for each player using the player's ability, opportunity and matchup... Otherwise you're guessing!

Fantasy Football Draft Strategy: Projectability and Certainty - Hoai talks about the variables involved in projecting which players have the highest scoring potential in any given week with emphasis on how certainty offers security for risk adverse players, but uncertainty offers opportunity for those who correctly target the players with a wide range of possible outcomes. He also gives pointers on how to identify risky "low floor" players that you'll want to avoid.

Bankroll Strategy - You've got to have a plan or you'll go broke! Firing your whole account each day is a sure way to end up reaching for your wallet each day. Play smart! Get tips on how to preserve and grow your roll!

Using Teammates - Adams explains when it's a good time and a bad time to use teammates on the same weekly fantasy roster. He also gives some great strategy at neutralizing your opponent by selecting players tied to his roster.

Fantasy WR Strategy - Adam uses advanced stats to determine which Wide Receivers are best to draft for your weekly team. These stats include targets, catch rate, yards per target and more!

Handicapping NFL Coaches - Get the edge on the competition by knowing each coach's game plan and how they'll react to certain on-field situations. Who runs up the score? Who sits starters with leads? Who goes with RBBC? This info is imperative to collect and apply to your weekly lineups!

Fantasy Football Betting

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Featured Articles

Building a Winning Salary Cap Lineup - Adam gives great advice on how to turn that empty roster into a winner using positional point targets.

1.5 Points Per $1000 Strategy - Adam shares the secret sauce that many professional fantasy football players use to help them achieve success in salary cap leagues and guaranteed prize pool tournaments.

When Do Running Backs Decline - Rob takes an in depth look at some studies of current and past players to determine that magical age when running backs become non serviceable.


What is Fantasy Football? - We explain how the game works for those of you looking to get into the action!

What are PPR Leagues? - Ray explains what point per reception leagues are and how they work.

Daily Fantasy Football Rules - If you're going to play the game, you've got to know the rules! Elliot sets you straight on everything from salary cap leagues to snake drafts to survivor tournaments.