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Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy

Welcome to the daily fantasy baseball strategy page! Here you'll find articles offering tips and advice on how to increase your odds of winning in daily fantasy baseball leagues. This game is very beatable! You just have to educate yourself with winning strategies. Knowledge is power!

MLB GPP Strategy - Daveinchi gives some great advice on GPP strategy with emphasis on getting the most bang for your buck when it comes to valuations on player salaries.

Pro's and Con's of Stacking Daily MLB Fantasy Teams - Tim talks about the controversial subject of "stacking." Stacking a lineup is when you take all of the hitters from the same MLB team and insert them into your lineup so that you get credit for every single big of offensive production.

Daily Fantasy Baseball GPP and Salary Cap Strategy - Jlowery73 gives winning tips and strategy on how to assemble a winning salary cap team, whether it be for a guaranteed prize pool tournament or a head to head salary cap league.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy for Head to Head Leagues - Successful daily FBB player Derek gives basic strategy for H2H leagues incuding setting goals, determing player value relative to their salary cap price, studying stats (especially batter vs. pitcher) and understanding your site's scoring system so that you can maximize your potential. Some sites penalize for strikeouts (hitter) while others give more credit for a pitcher's win. Each is different. It's imperative that you know the scoring rules where you're playing.

MLB Snake Draft Strategy - Adam talks about daily fantasy baseball draft preparation and which type of players to take first and also gives some advice on which type of situations and stadiums to avoid.

MLB GPP Stacking Strategy - Readers get a chance to take a look into the bright mind of winning daily fantasy baseball player "Daveinchi" who gives 4 key tops that will help you best the rest in GPP's!

Daily Fantasy Baseball Snake Draft Strategy - Derek talks about tactics that you can employ to get the upper hand on your opponents with emphasis on knowing what your opponent needs and blocking him from taking good players.

Analyzing MLB Stats: When is a Sample Big Enough? - Ray discusses "splits" with emphasis on determining when a pitcher has faced a batter or a hitter has faced a pitcher enough for those stats to be deemed as useful and worthy of factoring into your decision on whether to draft a player or not.

Day Games vs. Night Games Statistical Splits Strategy - Ray talks about how pitchers and hitters are "human" and have different preferences and gives advice on how to identify advantages that will help give you an advantage over other daily fantasy baseball players. Ray notes that day/night splits aren't a huge variable to take into consideration, but one worth nothing as many wins/losses are determined by small margins and you need all the edges you can get!

Handicapping MLB Stadiums: Ballpark Factors - Adam breaks down each field which divulges which stadiums favor pitchers and which are considered hitters ballparks.

Handicapping Daily Fantasy Baseball Pitchers: Advanced Strategy - Adam introduces some key sabermetrics to RotoPicks readers that will give you a more clear view of which pitchers offer the most value for the day.

Strategy for Picking Relievers - Ray talks about the toughest position to draft in all of daily fantasy baseball and gives tips on how to minimize your risk and maximize your potential.

Pay to Learn - If you're not winning consistently, it's time to change your approach to the game. It's beatable, but you have educate yourself first. Luck is only a very small part of winning. It's considered skill if you know more than the next guy. Loot gives some great advice that will raise the level of your game.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Stacking Strategy - Adam shows readers how to break down a lineup to determine which players to "stack" and hope that the MLB team scores double digits which will lead to giant salary cap scores.

Finding Bargains With Batting Average of Balls in Play - Sabermetrics are becoming very popular! I'm even starting to see networks broadcast these stats when a player comes up to bat. Winning daily fantasy baseball players have implemented this stat into their daily handicapping. Adam explains batted balls in play means and gives tips on how you can use it to your advantage.

Using MLB Splits to Your Advantage - One of the key strategic moves that you can make as a DFS player is to utilize splits to get the upper hand on your opponent. Righty vs. lefty and lefty vs. righty matchups are essential if you want to win. Generally speaking, if you're facing a pitcher of the "opposite hand", you never have to see any breaking stuff coming at you. This makes hitters more comfortable and produce better results. (In most cases)

Double Up Leagues vs. GPP's - Adam compares and contrasts conservative daily fantasy baseball double up leagues vs. the high risk/high reward guaranteed prize pool (GPP) leagues and gives tips on how to do well in both formats.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Pick'em League Strategies - Adam explains how baseball pick'em leagues work and gives step by step strategies on how you can determine which players in each tier have the best chance of putting up the highest score for the day.

Advanced Daily Fantasy Baseball Strategy: Imnportant Pitching Stats - There are numerous stats one can use to evaluate pitching talent and which hurlers belong in your lineup for the day. Adam points out the 6 different outcomes that can happen after a pitch is thrown and what percentage each falls into (and more). Gentlemen, get your pocket protectors out, it's time to get nerdy!

Full Season League Strategy

Draft Prep Strategy - Ray goes over all of the necessary steps that you need to take in order to be in contention to win your season long league.

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Daily Fantasy Baseball GPP Strategy - Winning daily fantasy MLB player Jlowery73 gives tips and advice on how to win guaranteed prize pool tournaments. His strategy also applies to daily salary cap leagues.

How to Learn From Losing - Analyzing your losing teams is almost as important as studying for upcoming league drafts. A great article by a very sharp fantasy mind!

Pro's and Con's of Stacking - A controversial topic in most daily fantasy baseball chats to say the least! Tim breaks it down.

Handicapping Pitcher vs. Hitter Stats - Winning DFBB players do their homework. Learning how to properly handicap player matchups is one of the most important variables to winning. Learn more here!


What is WHIP in Baseball? - One of the most important statistics when it comes to pitchers in fantasy baseball! You can't win long term using hurlers who constantly have men on base!

How to Calculate ERA - Earned run average is super important when evaluating a MLB pitcher and most people don't even know the calculation! Adam explains it all here.

What are Sabermetrics? - Adam explains the most popular of these Bill James created statistics which seem to be growing in popularity each season.

Daily Fantasy Baseball Rules - Different DFS sites offering different formats and scoring systems. This article features FD and DK's formats and offers strategies to help you win.