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Welcome to the fantasy baseball news page! With limited resources right now, we will allow some of the fantasy baseball mega sites to provide the up-to-date fantasy baseball news for you. They have devoted staffs that undertake this massive operation. Updating MLB player news is a full-time job and we think it is better to focus on making picks to help you win your leagues, so we have linked out to the best sources on the web for this information.

We may eventually create our own news feed, but for the time being, we can leave that job to some of the other elite sites. Enjoy!

RotoWorld MLB Player News - NBC Sports owns this site, and their timely news blurbs and breaking stories are some of the best out there. They also include some helpful analyses with their news and are they are typically very accurate.

CBS Sports MLB Player News - This is the site for you if you want an easy to use and good looking site that provides up-to-date stories. They allow you the very useful option to sort by position as well and we use it frequently.

Fox MLB Player News - If you need information fast, then this is the site for you because you can sort the news by team and position. In addition, they include the overall ranking of the player, his rank within his position, what percentage of teams own the player and what % start him.

KFFL MLB Player News - We always check in on this site because they offer very unique takes on news and analysis of baseball players.

FFToolbox - Known for football, do not underestimate FFToolbox's baseball analysis because there is plenty of it.

Other Good Player Info Websites

Brooks Baseball - Presented by Baseball Prospectus, this is our number one source for analyzing sabermetrics and pitch by pitch outcomes. The amount of information you can get from this site is a sabermetrician's dream come true. It includes Pitchf/x data and everything you need to see behind the superficial statistics.

Baseball Reference - This is one of our favorite sites for up-to-the-minute statistics. They have every statistic you can think of and they are all sortable. They even include minor league stats for the truly hardcore fans.

Fangraphs - Fangraphs is an unbelievable community site with more stats than you can handle. They have projections, sabermetrics, and plenty of articles regarding basic and advanced topics relevant to today's game of baseball.

If you think fantasy baseball, especially daily fantasy baseball, is a game of luck, check out the leaderboards on a daily fantasy sports site and take note of some of the names up there. You will notice the same names frequently. So there must be skill involved, because no one can be that lucky.

These users can win consistently because they read fantasy baseball news on a regular basis. This habit WILL increase your odds of winning any of your leagues, whether they are daily or season-long.

By staying up to date with news, situations arise that could greatly affect your lineup such as a starting baseball player sitting out and making available his replacement, who just so happens to cost the lowest salary in salary cap leagues. These are the moves that win leagues. With only a few minutes each day, you can keep up with all of the relevant events that take place during the baseball season and greatly enhance your chances of winning.

Some DFS sites have roster locks when the first game goes off. Some allow you to change your lineup right up until gametime of the player(s) you have in your lineup, even late games. Flexibility can and will save/make you money over the long haul. The best site for allowing roster changes to be made right up until a player(s) gametime, even after the first games of the day have gone off is Draftkings, where you can get a 100% bonus up to $600 in free cash! Good luck!

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