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Welcome to the fantasy baseball injury reports page! At the moment, we are devoting all of our resources to researching and providing you with winning daily fantasy baseball picks so we are using the fantasy baseball mega sites to provide all of the MLB injury information you could ever need. Updating MLB injuries is a very time consuming effort that is just not possible if we want to continue to provide the best free DFS picks on the web.

We may eventually provide our own injury report feed, but right now, we are happy to allow the big boys to provide you with all of this information.

RotoWorld MLB Injuries - RotoWorld's MLB Injuries page is beautifully laid out by team and provides quick access to details and commentary when you hover over a player's name. This is so useful and efficient on so many levels. On the right menu, you can quickly see the the MLB headlines and most recently searched for players as well which can clue you in that something may be going on with those particular players that you may not have been aware of. This is our favorite injury report page on the net.

CBS Sports MLB Injury Report - We love the CBS Sports injury report page. The MLB scores sit atop the page, and the injuries are below, sorted by team. They provide the team, player, position, date updated, injury and most importantly, expected return. It is always up to date and a very useful resource for DFBB.

Fox MLB Injuries - The Fox Sports Injury page is a well organized MLB injuries page and one of the few that allows you to sort by: currently injured and all injuries. Many times, it is confusing when you look at injury reports, trying to discern whether a player is still injured or not. This solves that problem. You can also filter by year and month. It is organized by date and not team for those of you who need to know the most recent news, and not necessarily the injuries sorted by team.

The Official Injury Report - The official MLB site is another great resource as it is very clean and intuitive. You can sort by league, or choose a team by clicking on the team logo. It is in order from most recent to oldest by team, and in addition to providing a player photo, name, position, team, date, status, and injury, they also provide the date the player is due back as well as notes. The notes are very useful and include blurbs such as when an injured pitcher has begun throwing off a mound again, and when a hitter has begun taking batting practice again. It is like following an injured player's rehab process!


ESPN MLB Injury Report - ESPN is another injury report page that provides useful commentary. The site can be filtered by league and team and provides names, teams, dates, and the aforementioned commentary.

USA Today Injury Report - USA Today has one of the few injury reports that allow you to filter injuries by position. This is great when scouring the database on a daily fantasy sports site via position. You also have the option of choosing a league or a team. Adding to that, in the lower right corner, there is a real-time feed of "Injury News" so you can get injury information the minute it is released!

Staying up to date with which players are hurt is extremely important, especially for daily fantasy baseball purposes. There is nothing worse than having a zero in your lineup because a player was not in the lineup due to injury and you had no idea.

As you may have noticed in some of the above sites, along with being informed of a player's issue, you also want to stay up to date with the status of those players. How far along in the rehab process a player is can mean a great deal for your team via trade possibilities and leagues that last longer than one day.

Many DFS sites offer their own player notes, but we highly recommend not completely relying on these as often times they don't have the best info. Daily fantasy sites are amazing, but keep in mind that their main focus is to devote their resources to running games and dealing with customer service so their researching may be a bit lacking. The websites listed above are typically more informative, accurate, and timely.

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