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Exporting Player Salaries to Excel

Exporting DraftKings Player Salaries to Excel

DraftKings offers a very useful option when constructing your lineup to export all of the players and their salaries to Microsoft Excel. Once the data is exported, you can play around with it and experiment. To export to excel, you have to find a button in the lower right hand corner of the box with all of the available players (it says "Export to CSV"). Click it. Here is what the button looks like:

DraftKings Export Lineup Screenshot 1

After you click the export button, all of the information exports to an Excel spreadsheet and it would look like this (after maximizing the columns to fit all of the information).

DraftKings Export Lineup Screenshot 2

Now that all of the information is exported, what I like to do is divide the top player's salary by their average score. The formula is shown below:

DraftKings Export Lineup Screenshot 3

Now, we want the same function to be performed on all of the players. Hover your mouse over the lower right hand corner of the cell with your formula in it (cell F2) and you will see the mouse icon turn into a "+" sign. Double click and the formulas will fill in for all of the players down the column. Your spreadsheet would now look like this:

DraftKings Export Lineup Screenshot 4

The next thing I do is create a table with all of the data. To do that, highlight all of the cells with data in them. Then click Insert up top and click Insert Table. After you insert a table, sort the formula column from lowest to highest, and you can filter positions, etc. If you filter only first basemen, your sheet would look like this:

DraftKings Export Lineup Screenshot 5

The point of this exercise is to find bargains and those would be the players with the lowest salary divided by points per game. That number is how many dollars you are paying per fantasy point, so lowest is obviously better. Add to that the functionality of the excel spreadsheet that allows you to filter position and it is a very useful tool when constructing a daily fantasy sports lineup. You can use it with any sport on DraftKings, home of one of the biggest DFS sites online and the 100% bonus up to $600 in FREE CASH!