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Thank you for reading! We've spent thousands of hours preparing the site for ya! Our goal is to provide our readers with the best possible daily fantasy sports experience on the web!

As you know, the online world has gotten a bit crazy with their attempt to reach you via email, phone, snail mail, television, social media, etc. It seems as if though the only place you and I are safe these days is in the good ol' crapper! With that being said, we'd like to assure you that if you sign up for our free newsletter, we promise not to send you stupid crap that you find to be a waste of your time.

Our newsetters are sent out very sparsely. Generally speaking at the beginning of each sport season, alerting you to all of the special deals that daily fantasy sports sites are offering and anytime a major news event breaks, especially a late breaking injury where you may have a key guy in your lineup that gets scratched at the last minute due to illness or injury.

We also promise not to sell your information to other sites who are looking to act as vulchers and spam you with hopes of you visiting their site and spending your hard earned money there. Lemme tell ya... We worked real hard to get you here. We're not about to pass you on to somebody else!

Email programs generally tend to lack the proper security (easy to hack into), so we'd like to play it safe and have you email your request to be added to our newsletter. To be added, please drop us an email to with the word "NEWSLETTER" in the subject line and we'll get you added!

Thanks for reading! NOBODY appreciates your business more than we do!

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