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Welcome to the free daily fantasy picks page! Here you'll find a condensed version of our website with regards to where to go to find our picks for today's/this week's leagues.

As with all of the information posted on the RotoPicks site, we urge you to do your own homework and only use our information as a guide. Yes, these picks are made by elite daily fantasy players that are considered to be professionals, however, the pros have bad days too. There is no such thing as a lock for these daily fantasy predictions to win on a daily basis. We're confident that they'll do well long term though! In summary, always do your homework and don't blame us should the plays tank out. It happens! Even to the best! The plan is to win long term. Unfortunately that includes some losing days.

Note: Most of our picks should be viewed as "value plays". We participate in DFS leagues to make money. Double Up leagues are the meat and potatoes of a winning daily fantasy sports player. We do at times offer GPP picks, but they should only be viewed as a guide in comparison to your own picks. We find Guaranteed Prize Pool leagues to be a crapshoot and something that very few DFS players can come out ahead long term. Very few is defined as less than 1% of all daily fantasy sports players. At that rate, one may as well flip a coin or make their predictions by using a dart board! Our goal here is to make money using our bread and butter; double up leagues. It's not that tough to make a profit when all you have to do is finish in the top 50%, all-the-while, our information rates in the top 5%. :)


Free Daily Fantasy NFL Picks - Each week of the NFL football season, our professional handicappers break down each game to determine which players offer the most value compared to their salary for the week. Our specialty is double up leagues and much of the emphasis is put on such leagues.

Free Daily Fantasy NBA Picks - Each day of the pro hoops season, our pro basketball cappers break down each matchup and watch their twitter feeds for late breaking player news. The NBA can be the most wicked of sports to master when it comes to DFS. In our opinion, it's less predictable than the rest, but we still do ok.

Free Daily Fantasy MLB Picks - MLB is a long season and a freakin' grind. There is a ton of loot to be made here due to the fact that one has to study around 4-5 hours a day in order to properly handicap every player. Most people have day jobs and simply don't have the time to achieve this task. Use our information to crush the less informed!

Note: We'll be covering fantasy hockey and fantasy golf at some point in the near future. We had to pass on those sports for now as we were in a mad dash to get RotoPicks live. Expect these sports to be offered here by mid-2015 or sooner.

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