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The world of daily fantasy sports has taken the industry by storm! What used to be a group of buddies meeting up at a pizza parlor for an annual draft has turned into a chaotic frenzy of drafting a new team each day and we all love it! With the changes to the game, have come a whole new set of terms, jargon, lingo, acronyms and synonyms. Heck, call it a new language! Listed below, you'll find a list of words that you'll hear on RotoPicks and daily fantasy sports sites, as well as DFS forums and chat rooms from around the web! Enjoy! Got something to add? Let us know and we'll get it added! Thanks!

1B: First baseman or single.
2B: Second baseman or double.
2BGY+: Double bogey or worse in golf.
2pt: 2 point conversion in football.
3B: Third baseman or triple.
ALBA: Albatross. A hole in 2 on a par 5 in golf.
AST: Assist.
BB: Base on balls.
BBI: Bases on balls issued by pitcher.
BFR: Bogey free round. (Golf)
BGY: Bogey in golf.
BLK: Block.
BRD: Birdie in golf.
BS: Blown save.
BS: Blocked shot in hockey.
BVP: Batter vs. Pitcher (stats)
C: Catcher (baseball).
C: Center (basketball or hockey)
CBB: College basketball.
CFB: College football.
Contrarian Play: Taking a player that nobody else is high on. This would leave you as one of the few in a GPP league who would have the player in question.
CS: Customer Service or caught stealing in baseball or "clean sheet" in soccer.
CG: Complete game.
CS: Caught stealing.
D: Defensman. (Hockey) or Defender in soccer.
DH: Designated hitter or Double header.
DFS: Short for Daily Fantasy Sports. AKA: One day leagues.
DINT: Defensive interception.
DK: Acronym for DFS site "Draftkings".
DPA: Defensive points allowed. (Fantasy football stat)
DST: Defense and Special Teams.
DTD: Defensive touchdown.
EAG: Eagle in golf.
ER: Earned run.
ERA: Earned run average. An average of many earned runs a pitcher gives up every 9 innings.
ET: Eastern Time.
F: Forward.
FC: Fouls committed in soccer.
FD: Fanduel (Daily fantasy site) or fouls drawn in soccer.
FL: Fumbles lost.
FLEX: Flex player. This is usually related to football leagues and can be any offensive player other than a Quarterback or Kicker.
FPTS: Fantasy Points.
FR: Fumble recovery.
G: Guaranteed to play and payout. You'll see this next to leagues in the lobby of daily fantasy sites.
G: Goalie in hockey or goalkeeper in soccer.
GA: Goals against.
GDP: Grounded into double play.
Goal: Score in hockey.
GPP: Guaranteed Prize Pool. These are large salary cap leagues with tons of entries and big prizes.
GTD: Same as "G". It means "guaranteed" to play and payout.
HA: Hits allowed.
Handcuffing: Taking a player (running back) and his backup OR taking two running backs in a time-share situation.
HB: Hit batsman or hit by pitch (HBP).
HP: Hit by pitch.
INN: Inning pitched.
INT: Interceptions.
IP: Inning pitched.
HR: Homerun.
K: Strikeout. (pitcher stat)
L: Loss.
KO: Strikeout. (Batter stat)
LGS: Late Game Swap.
LROD: Low round of day. (Golf)Luckbox: Square (novice) player who got extremely lucky with his picks to get a win.
LW: Left wing.
M: Multiple entries allowed in the tournament.
M: Midfielder. (Soccer)
MFG: Missed field goal.
MFT: Missed free throw.
MLB: Major League Baseball.
NBA: National Basketball Association.
NHL: National Hockey League.
NFL: National Football Leagues.
Par: Even score in golf.
PaTD: Passing touchdown.
PaYD: Passing yards.
PIM: Penalty infraction minutes. AKA: Penalty in minutes. (Hockey)
PIR: Player Innings Remaining
PKM: Penalty kick miss in soccer.
PKS: Penalty kick save in soccer.
PPA: Power play assist.
PPG: Power play goals.
PPR: Points per reception.
PTS: Points.
Q: Qualifier. Winning a "Q" league gets you an entry into a bigger entry fee league which is most likely for a big prize pool.
QB: Quarterback.
R: Run scored in baseball.
RB: Running back.
RBI: Run batted in.
Rec: Receptions.
RecTD: Receiving touchdowns.
Roster Lock: When the first game of a contest goes off all rosters are "locked". However, some sites allow you to still make substitions if the players are playing in games which haven't started yet.
RP: Relief pitcher.
RS: Reserve spot on roster.
RuYd: Receiving yards.
RuYd: Rushing yards.
RuTD: Rushing touchdowns.
RW: Right wing.
RT: Round Tripper (homerun)
RTD: Rushing touchdown. (Offense)
RTD: Return for touchdown. (Kickoffs)
S: Save for a baseball pitcher.
S: An "S" next to a player's name means they are scheduled to start the game today.
SAC: Sacrafice fly.
Sat: Satellite league. Enter to win and receive a free entry into a much bigger daily fantasy league.
Save: Shot stopped by a hockey goalie.
Sack: Defense takes QB down behind line of scrimmage.
SB: Stolen base.
Slash Line: Often times used in MLB, a slash line would look like this: .300/.360/.500. The first number signifies batting average, the second on base percentage and the third slugging percentage. In hoops, you might see 25/10/5. This would be points/rebounds/assists.
SOG: Shot on goal in soccer.
SFTY: Safety. Defense scores 2 points when they take an offensive player down inside of his own endzone.
SHA: Short handed assist.
SHG: Short handed goal.
Shot: Shot attempt in hockey.
SO: Shutout by a hockey goalie.
SP: Starting pitcher.
STL: Steal.
TE: Tight end.
Tier: Group of players in a pick'em league.TO: Turnover.
U: Utility roster spot. Usually can be any non pitcher in baseball and any position in an NBA league.
WHIP: Walks plus hits divided by innings pitched.
Win: Win for a starting pitcher in baseball or a hockey goalie.
WR: Wide receiver.
Yard: Homerun in baseball.
!: Seeing an exclamation point next to a player's name means that he is not in the starting lineup today.
$: A dollar sign usually indicates a guaranteed prize pool on DFS sites.
+/-: Fractional point awarded/taken away in hockey for being on the ice when a goal is scored. It should be noted that this statistic doesn't come into play during power plays.

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