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Double Up Leagues

Double Up Fantasy Leagues
by Staff

The sharpest daily fantasy players that I know of play in as many double up leagues as they can. This ought to tell you something! Let's examine why...

Most fantasy sports leagues only pay out the top few places. Double up leagues payout exactly half of all the players who entered, giving you a better chance of cashing.

Finishing in the top few places of a standard fantasy league (or GPP) is a risky proposition, even for the most seasoned fantasy gurus. Let's face it, injuries, off-days, bad days and weather can wreak havoc on your team's final score. Double up leagues allow for more flexibility with regards to all of the variables you might be faced with during a full day of game action.

Even better, if you're a good, knowledgable player, there's a good chance that your skill level is going to prevail within the top 50% of the field.

The downside to playing in double up leagues is that you're missing out on an opportunity for a big payout. Double up leagues pay a tad less than what it cost you to enter (less because of the fee to play).

I believe the upside is better though, as it increases your overall chance of cashing which is the bottom line if you're a serious fantasy player and playing the game to make loot.

In summary, one needs to determine if they're out for entertainment and a big potential payday or a conservative approach where cashing is their main goal. Me? I'll take my chances every chance I get when it comes to easy cheese! (Double ups)

Many "play for real money" daily fantasy league sites offer double up leagues with the best being Draftkings (in our opinion). Check out our review of DK and should you decide to sign-up, you'll receive a better sign-up bonus than the standard one offered on their site. (You will need to sign-up through the link provided on our Draftkings review page! Recruit Code rotopicks will also work!)

Note: At time of print, double up leagues are only offered within salary cap leagues, although it wouldn't surprise us to one day see double up leagues offered within the snake/serpentine draft format as fantasy betting sites evolve and expand their offerings.

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